about us

I am Andrea Guitelman, National Professor of Physical Education, Nutrition Technician, and Director of the MiriamCenter program.

For the comprehensive implementation of the program, we have a staff of professional morot who dedicate 100% of their time to grow in the subject they teach in order to make their students grow (Morot de humanut, physical education teachers, Coaching professionals) . We are a staff already formed with professionalism, experience and trust, which gives respect and entity to the Jewish woman of today as “Woman”. That is why this space is dedicated to giving her tools, comfort and knowledge that raise her potential to the highest level. We trust that if there is a happy woman, her home will be happy. If there are enlightened women, there will be a world with more light. We are here for that. With our classes, we help to form strong, bright and positive women. Everything in pursuit of bringing the Gueula now!

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