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According to Maimonides, taking care of the health of the body is one of the ways to serve Gd, since “with a sick body it is impossible to know Gd”. That is why we designed our CardioFitness program that mixes dance with gym in a fun way to keep the compound of our Jewish soul in shape. Dancefit, Local-fitness, Rikidim, yoga and much more!


Our program is dedicated to extracting the greatest potential from every woman. That is why we also hold Coaching meetings, we are part of a networking network within Am Israel, we enjoy Shiurim taught by well-known important women in the local community, and we participate in many more thematic events to increase personal development day by day.


We will bring out the “spark of Divinity” that is within us and that motivates us to Grow in Torah and Mitzvot. What else do we want to bring more light to the world? That is why we perform tzedaka actions and while we do good to ourselves, we do good to the rest of Am Israel.


MIRIAMCENTER is a place designed BY Jewish women and FOR Jewish women. From girls to older adults. It is a place of exchange, to give, receive and promote an encounter with our own feminine essence.
MIRIAMCENTER is a space to develop ourselves in Torah and Mitzvót through the development of our intellectual, emotional, creative and physical capacities.
The objective of MIRIAMCENTER. is to be a space where women accompany women to achieve their potential, rediscovering the secrets of the ancient Jewish wisdom to learn how to bring Gd closer to our lives and bring more light to the world.

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